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Rock Chiropractic

Align the Spine


Bruce Rock is a second generation chiropractor with over 40 years’ experience in Toowoomba, Rockhampton, and Buderim. He has a Master of Chiropractic Science.


Chiropractors first take a history, examine and sometimes use other diagnostic aids, like x-rays, before deciding whether you can be helped. Treatment methods are chosen according to the patient's needs and condition and are effective and safe even for new-born babies, the very elderly, those with brittle bones (osteoporosis), arthritis and those in severe pain.


Chiropractic Helps:

Back pain, Hip/leg/sciatic pain

Neck pain, Arm/shoulder pain, Headache,

Sports injuries, Workplace injuries,

Behaviour problems in young children (it may be headache they cannot tell you about)

Tiredness/fatigue, Arthritis (most common forms) Stiff joints, Muscle problems

Well-person care

Name: Bruce Rock
Position: Chiropractor
Phone: (07) 4633 0090

278 Tor St
Toowoomba Qld 4350

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